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Later, Snape delighted in taunting Sirius about his "uselessness" to the Order of the Phoenix while he was forced to remain cooped up in 12 Grimmauld Place, and the two needled each other at every opportunity. He also, however, told Harry that he was ashamed of his treatment of Snape in their younger years. It's possible that Snape never knew Sirius was an unregistered Animagus as he didn't recognise him in dog form at the end of the school year, but showed a mix of horror and hatred when he recognised him for what he was. Sirius met Lily Evans on the Hogwarts Express , where he and James Potter almost immediately made a bad impression on her by insulting her best friend, Severus Snape.

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She quickly moved to leave the compartment they were all sharing on the train, with Snape in tow, and literally turned her back on Sirius when she was Sorted with him into Gryffindor House. During their earlier years at Hogwarts, Lily came to believe that Sirius was nothing more than a common highly arrogant bully, just like his best friend, James, so their relationship was not likely a friendly one. That changed in their later years at Hogwarts, presumably after she had ended her friendship with Snape, and got to know and understand Sirius better.

During the First Wizarding War, they both became members of the Order of the Phoenix , and fought in several battles. She also sent a letter to Sirius, which showed that they were still friends, despite the intense distrust and fear spread by the First War. After Lily and James were killed by Lord Voldemort , Sirius was devastated; he attacked their betrayer, Peter Pettigrew , and attempted to kill him. He later told Harry that he cared deeply for James and Lily, and that he would have rather died than betray them. Sirius was also godfather to Lily's son, Harry, and they shared a strong bond of friendship, love, and trust.

Harry Potter , his godson and friend. Sirius was Harry Potter's godfather, and acted as a confidant and paternal figure to him.

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He deeply loved Harry, and was the only person Harry felt comfortable confiding in completely. Sirius felt that Harry should have the right to know difficult truths, and considered him perfectly capable of taking on heavy burdens that many other fully-grown wizards could not. Molly Weasley, however, criticised Sirius' behaviour towards Harry, claiming that he acted as if Harry were James , rather than the child that he undeniably still was.

Sirius shared a good deal of information about the First Wizarding War with Harry, much to the disapproval of Molly Weasley , and supported Harry and his friends' efforts to sabotage Dolores Umbridge 's dictatorial rule over Hogwarts in their fifth year. While Harry craved a paternal figure, Sirius wasn't equipped to be one, and more or less treated Harry like his best friend, the way Harry's father was before him [24]. Voldemort lured Harry to the Department of Mysteries in by planting a vision of Sirius suffering in his mind, knowing that Harry would do whatever it took to save his godfather.

Harry felt riddled with guilt over the incident but eventually managed to compartmentalise his grief, knowing that Sirius wouldn't have wanted him to shut himself up. In , Harry used the Resurrection Stone to summon the spirits of Sirius, Remus, and his parents, all four of whom gave him the emotional support he needed to sacrifice himself. Sirius assured his godson that dying was not painful at all, and was actually quicker and easier than falling asleep. Harry later named his first son after both James and Sirius.

Ron Weasley , his friend and his godson's best friend. Sirius first met Ron Weasley in Ron owned a rat named Scabbers which, unbeknownst to him and the rest of his family, was actually Peter Pettigrew in disguise. With his mind and heart firmly set on murdering Pettigrew for his treacherous betrayal, Sirius snuck into Hogwarts and approached Ron's bed, knife in hand, with the intention of killing the disguised rat.

However, Ron awoke, saw Sirius and, frightened out of his wits, screamed, alerting the whole dormitory and forcing Sirius to flee for his life. At the end of his third year, however, Ron learned that Sirius was innocent, and discovered the true identity of his pet. Feeling partly responsible for Ron's loss, Sirius gave him an owl to replace "Scabbers". A year later, Ron, along with Harry and Hermione, provided food for Sirius, who was hiding in a cave outside of Hogsmeade. During the Second Wizarding War , Ron and Sirius grew closer, as they both lived at Sirius' house for several weeks, and eventually became good friends.

When Hermione voiced her theory that Sirius was attempting to "live through" her, Ron and Harry, both boys snapped at her angrily in Sirius' defence. Sirius and Ron fought alongside one another during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries , and when Sirius was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange , Ron grieved for him, and grew to share Harry's intense hatred of Bellatrix. Hermione Granger , his friend and his godson's best friend.

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Sirius also met Hermione Granger during the school year , following his escape from Azkaban. Hermione, like the rest of the wizarding world , initially believed that Sirius was the wizard who betrayed James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort. However, she learned the truth, and even indirectly helped to clear any doubts of his innocence through her questions. Together with Harry and Ron, she brought him food when he was hiding in a cave near Hogsmeade during the — school year.

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In , she lived for a few weeks at Sirius' house , along with other members of the Order of the Phoenix. It was then, however, that she started to see "flaws" in Sirius' character. Firstly, she severely disapproved of his indifferent and occasionally cruel treatment of his house-elf , Kreacher , despite the fact that Kreacher initially appeared to be disgusted by her and addressed her as "the Mudblood " which Hermione often attributed to Kreacher being senile due to his old age. Secondly, she grew to believe that Sirius could be very selfish when it came to Harry, even voicing her theory that a part of Sirius had actually been hoping for Harry's expulsion from Hogwarts, so that Harry would stay with him at Grimmauld Place instead of going back to school for his fifth year.

She also thought that Sirius was attempting to live vicariously through her, Harry, and Ron, but the two boys became angry and snapped at her when she expressed this belief. Nevertheless, she had a generally good relationship with Sirius, knowing him to be an ultimately good person, and was greatly saddened by his death at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries , even duelling with his killer Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore , his former headmaster. Albus Dumbledore was Sirius' Headmaster at Hogwarts. Like the rest of the wizarding world, Dumbledore initially believed it was Sirius who betrayed James and Lily to Voldemort, but was quick to accept Sirius' innocence when he learned the Secret-Keeper had actually been Pettigrew, and helped Hermione and Harry to save Sirius from the Dementor's Kiss, and to escape from his Ministry captors, by means of a Time-Turner and Buckbeak.

The two resumed their friendship, and Sirius helped Dumbledore to recall the Order of the Phoenix an hour after Voldemort returned. However, their relationship was soon strained: Dumbledore forced Sirius to stay at 12 Grimmauld Place on account of his being a wanted convict, and because he had a tendency to act rashly, which could lead him to put himself in great danger. Though his intentions were noble, Sirius could not bring himself to appreciate Dumbledore's actions, as he utterly despised the home which brought him many bitter, unhappy memories, and the fact that he was to be alone in the house most of the time with only his house elf for company made it all the more intolerable.

Nevertheless, he still trusted Dumbledore enough to confide in him about how Harry felt Voldemort awaking inside him the night that Arthur Weasley was attacked. Dumbledore was devastated when Sirius was killed by Bellatrix, believing that it was mostly his fault, and he later expressed to Harry his belief that Sirius was a brave, clever, and energetic man, who would never be content with sitting at home in hiding while his loved ones were in danger.

Sirius' death was also a factor that led to Dumbledore finally revealing to Harry things that had been kept secret from him, mainly about the true power of his mother's sacrificial protection and the prophecy about him and Voldemort. Sirius had a good relationship with most of the Weasley family, and was so thrilled to have their company during the Christmas of that he was heard singing " God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs " at the top of his lungs. When Sirius was going over the Black Family Tree with Harry, he mentioned that he was distantly related to both Molly and Arthur, although they were not on the tapestry due to being known as "blood traitors".

Sirius disapproved of Molly 's overprotective behaviour towards Harry, who had proven time after time that, despite his age, he was brave and matured far beyond his years. Molly, in turn, thought Sirius was wrong to treat Harry like an adult, and that he treated Harry as though he were James. However, they still had a relatively good relationship and it was Molly who ultimately avenged Sirius' death by killing Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts.

He was also a good friend of Arthur , who was given Sirius' motorbike after the latter's death, and Ginny , at one point, stated that she cared about Sirius as much as Harry did.

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A rare bump in Sirius' relationship with the twins occurred shortly after Arthur was wounded by Nagini, and Sirius forbade the Weasley children from visiting their father before it was safe to do so. At this, Fred and George argued, forcing Sirius to remind them of the importance of maintaining the Order's security, at which point Fred yelled back that Sirius, trapped in Grimmauld Place by his fugitive status, was doing virtually nothing for the Order himself. Although Sirius was angered by Fred's words he even seemed to Harry like he would have liked to strike Fred , Sirius let the slight go, and their relationship recovered shortly after.

It is unknown whether Sirius learnt that the Marauders Map was once in possession with Fred and George and it is unknown whether Fred and George both learnt that Sirius was one of the map's creators although it is possible they did learnt it considering Sirius mentioned Pettigrew's nickname "Wormtail" in front of them while explaining Voldemort's plans to them. Sirius' relationship with Bill , Charlie , and Percy is unknown; Sirius met Bill during the time of the Second War when the Weasley family were often at Grimmauld Place with the rest of the Order, but whether he met Percy or Charlie was unknown.

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Given that Charlie was on his family's side and Percy on the Ministry's, however, it's likely that Sirius would have been friends with Charlie, if he met him, but not Percy; though, considering Percy was practically Sirius' polar opposite, he arguably wouldn't have been particularly close to him in any case. Despite this, Sirius assured Molly that Percy would eventually reconcile with them after he fell out with his family, something which ultimately did happen at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Ginny eventually named her eldest son after her father-in-law and Sirius. When Sirius attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , the professors were very fond of him, knowing him to be a witty and charming wizard with a good heart. Their affection, however, did not blind them to the fact that he was also a mischievous trouble-maker and prankster, and did not prevent them from punishing him or his best friend, James, when they went too far with their pranks or caused too much trouble.

She described him as a powerful wizard, but she believed it was he who betrayed James and Lily to Voldemort.

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She learned the truth in , and it's possible that she and Sirius had a good relationship until his death. It is unknown how she reacted when she learned about his death.

Sirius Black

Horace Slughorn , the Head of Slytherin House , mentioned that he would have liked to have Sirius in his house, having had all of his family. The original Order of the Phoenix. Sirius had a good relationship with most members of the Order of the Phoenix, and it was he who set out to alert them all when Dumbledore reinstated the Order upon Voldemort's return in Several of the Order members fought alongside Sirius at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries , and when Sirius was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange , Kingsley Shacklebolt continued his duel with Bellatrix. Sirius had been fairly close with Rubeus Hagrid prior to the Death of the Potters , both having been members of the First Order, and most likely having fought together in several battles of the First Wizarding War. Although Hagrid initially believed that Sirius was a traitor, he understood the real situation after it was explained to him, and it is likely that they resumed their friendship.

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  • Though Sirius also appeared to be friendly with Mundungus Fletcher , that did not stop Fletcher from stealing Sirius' possessions after his death. Sirius had a strong grudge and hatred against Barty Crouch Snr. This was mostly because Crouch threw him to the Dementors and Azkaban without a trial, denying him the opportunity to appeal his frame-up, and because of his disgust about Barty Crouch Jr However, his hatred of Crouch didn't stop Sirius from taking Crouch seriously for when Harry told him about Crouch's ramblings and him vanishing afterwards he instantly realised that Crouch was tying to warn Dumbledore and that the reason he vanished is because someone wanted to stop him from seeing Dumbledore.

    He also was knowledgeable of Crouch's tactics to catch Death Eaters and other enemies while he was Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including using the Unforgivable Curses against them. Sirius stated that despite his disdain towards him, Crouch's principles may have been right to start off with as they were fellow opponents against Voldemort at the time, although he also said that Crouch became just as cruel and ruthless as the forces he was fighting against. The name "Sirius Black" is a play on his Animagus form of a black dog since the star Sirius is known as the Dog Star and is the brightest star in Canis Major , the Great Dog constellation.

    In Arabic, the star is known as al-shira , "the leader," and in Scandinavia, it has been referred to as Lokabrenna , meaning "Loki's torch. His full name is an oxymoron of sorts, as his first name, "Sirius" is referring to the brightest star in the night sky, and his last name, "Black," is referring to the darkest colour, which is the result of the absence of light.

    Padfoot refers to a spectral Hellhound Most commonly known as Black Shuck with glowing red eyes that haunts the moors around Leeds, in Northern England. Its presence is announced by soft, padding footfalls that may be accompanied by the rattle of chains or a fierce roaring as the beast draws closer to its intended victim.

    It's one of many "black dog" myths and is the likely source for Sirius' nickname. Black hounds also appear on the Black family crest. Rowling has said that she likes Sirius as a character, but she does not think he is "wholly wonderful":. Rowling also described Sirius as a "bit of a loose cannon" and a "case of arrested development" [24] and once described Sirius as "brave, loyal, reckless, embittered and slightly unbalanced by his long stay in Azkaban.

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