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The leader of the group, Silvano Vinceti, told the AP that he plans to press his case with the French officials in charge of the purported burial site at Amboise Castle early next week. In France, exhumation requires a long legal procedure, and precedent suggests it's likely to take even longer when it involves a person of great note such as Leonardo. Jean-Louis Sureau, director of the medieval-era castle located in France's Loire Valley, said that once a formal request is made, a commission of experts would be set up. Any such request would then be discussed with the French Ministry of Culture, Sureau said.

The artist's original burial place, the palace church of Saint Florentine, was destroyed during the French Revolution.

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Remains that are believed to be his were eventually reburied in the Saint-Hubert Chapel near the castle. The tombstone says simply, "Leonardo da Vinci. Vezzosi, who is not involved in the project, said that investigating the tomb could help identify the artist's bones with certainty and solve other questions, such as the cause of his death.

He said he asked to open the tomb in to study the remains, but the Amboise Castle turned him down. As for the latest Italian proposal, Vinceti says preliminary conversations took place several years ago and he plans to follow up with a request next week to set up a meeting to explain the project in detail. This would pave the way for a formal request, he said.

Solving the Mona Lisa mystery The group of experts involved in the project, called the National Committee for Historical and Artistic Heritage, was created in with the aim of "solving the great enigmas of the past," said Vinceti, who has written books on art and literature. Mystery has surrounded the identity of the painting's subject for centuries, with speculation ranging from the wife of a Florentine merchant to Leonardo's own mother.

That Leonardo intended the "Mona Lisa" as a self-portrait in disguise is a possibility that has intrigued and divided scholars. Theories have abounded: Some think that Leonardo's taste for pranks and riddles might have led him to conceal his own identity behind that baffling smile; others have speculated that, given Leonardo's presumed homosexuality, the painting hid an androgynous lover.

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Some have used digital analysis to superimpose Leonardo's bearded self-portrait over the "Mona Lisa" to show how the facial features perfectly aligned. If granted access to the grave site, the Italian experts plan to use a miniature camera and ground-penetrating radar — which produces images of an underground space using radar waves— to confirm the presence of bones.

The scientists would then exhume the remains and attempt to date the bones with carbon testing.

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Japanese lab recreates Mona Lisa's voice 'Leo, how long do I have to sit here? Tips and corrections. Duchamp anonymously defended R Mutt in a magazine, and gave a definition of his new art of the readymade: whether or not Mr Mutt made it with his own hand has no importance. He chose it.

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He took an everyday article, placed it so that its usual significance disappeared under the new title and point of view - and created a new thought for that object. Subject: The Mona Lisa, painted in the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci , and the most celebrated portrait in the world. Distinguishing features: The Mona Lisa's deep-set eyes and round face do not conflict with Duchamp's act of violence.

The beard and moustache seem a completion.

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Duchamp said the Mona Lisa becomes a man - not a woman disguised as a man, but a real man.