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The chronology of Kings also has problematic areas. The duration of reigns for the kings of Judah does not correspond correctly to their supposed times of accession as compared by the narrator to the reigns of the kings of Israel. Although the references are generally useful for understanding the era in which a particular king lived, the numbers simply do not add up. Since the reigns of each king is referenced to a contemporary in his opposite kingdom, the same issue obviously applies to the kings of Israel. As a result, there are various chronologies proposed for the period by different experts.

There are also external difficulties for the dating. The king that the Book of Kings names as Ahaz is claimed within it to reign for only 16 years. However, some of the events during his reign are recorded elsewhere with a non-biblical consensus emerging that ruled between B. In the time of the Omrides that is the descendants of Omri , there are remarkable co-incidences between the names of the kings of Judah and those of Israel. They are often identical:. As a consequence a number of scholars have proposed that this was a period in which Judah and Israel were united under one king, with the Deuteronic redactor splitting the account into two.

Some also argue that the stories of Jezebel and Athaliah—two ruthless, Baal -worshiping queens who are eventually deposed with the temple of Baal being destroyed afterward—are likewise two version of the same tale. Arguing against this is the fact the families of Ahab and Jehoshaphat were closely connected and may well have given their sons the same name. Similar events are evident, for example, in the history of European royalty, in which blood relations named Henry, Philip, and William often ruled at the same time in different countries.

The name Hadad and compounds of it also occur at several locations within the text. Hadad is the name of the Canaanite deity often identical to Ba'al , which means simply "lord" and was apparently used in reference to several different gods. Consequently, several kings from the region surrounding Israel and Judah had names that included the word Hadad, which has can lead to much confusion in the text:. In addition, while Ba'al is often refers to Hadad, the term Baalzebub also appears as the name of a deity.

Ba'alzebub, meaning lord of the flies, is most likely to be a deliberate pun, by the anti-Hadad writer, on the term Ba'alzebul, meaning prince Ba'al, i. Even more confusing is the fact that some passages refer to a single king of Assyria by two different names, whereas others refer simply to the king of Assyria in several places but are actually talking about two separate historically attested kings, not the same individual.

Thus Ahaziah is actually the same names as Johoahaz, and since with the theophoric element dropped it would also be the same name as that of the later king referred to as Ahaz just as Dan is the same name as Daniel with the theophoric element omitted. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

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God takes Elijah to heaven

Categories : Bible Philosophy and religion. The king strongly urged Naaman to go. The king wanted the leader of his army to be healthy.

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This letter was like a modern passport. Naaman made careful preparations for his journey. Naaman thought that he was asking a foreign god in a foreign country to help him. He took a vast quantity of gold and silver for that purpose. Naaman was not trying to get something for nothing.

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Like the wise men who followed the star Matthew , Naaman first went to the palace. Like them, he came from abroad in order to see a very important person. And like them, he discovered that the king was unable to introduce him to that person. He thought that the king of Syria was trying to start a war. People used to do that when they felt very sad or desperate about something.

Elisha knew that God could cure illnesses. He told the king to send Naaman.


That will cure you of your disease. He said this. Then he would wave his hand over the part of my body that is ill. And so he would cure me. I would rather wash in those rivers in order to be healthy. Surely it is much easier to wash. It is much easier to get a remedy in that way. Naaman went down and he washed himself in the Jordan river 7 times. His remedy was complete. Naaman stood in front of him. And Naaman said this to him. Please accept a gift from me; I am your servant.

He is the God whom I serve. I want to take the earth home with me. I go there with my master. He bends down his body in order to give honour to Rimmon.

The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel of The Black Hand (Full Album)

And he leans on my arm, so I bend down there too. Naaman expected that Elisha would show his power. He thought that Elisha would cure him in public.

The Tall Priest (The Martuk Series Book 4) by Jonathan Winn

Naaman thought that he deserved a great ceremony. He intended to pay well for it. He was a proud man who commanded a great army. So he wanted Elisha to give him honour. Instead, Elisha sent his instructions by means of a servant. That offended Naaman.

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  7. Also, Elisha told him to go and to wash himself in the Jordan river. That river was narrow and dirty. The rivers in Syria were wide.

    3 - First Peter 2.25 and Zechariah's shepherd-king

    They had to be humble in front of God. Naaman could give commands to his soldiers and servants. But nobody can give orders to God. God only accepts people who are humble.

    So in order to become well, Naaman would have to obey a mere servant. He would have to bathe in a river that seemed unimportant to him. He would have to wash 7 times. The Bible often uses the number 7 as a word-picture of something that is complete. So Naaman would have to be completely humble in front of God.