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Nimrod the Circus Pony by Pippa Funnell.

Tilly's Pony Tails

Shelve Nimrod the Circus Pony. Moonshadow the Derby Winner by Pippa Funnell. Shelve Moonshadow the Derby Winner. Shelve Autumn Glory the New Horse. Goliath the Rescue Horse by Pippa Funnell. Shelve Goliath the Rescue Horse.

1: Magic Spirit by Pippa Funnell

Buttons the Naughty Pony by Pippa Funnell. Shelve Buttons the Naughty Pony.

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Rusty the Trustworthy Pony by Pippa Funnell. Shelve Rusty the Trustworthy Pony. Shelve Royal Flame the Police Horse. Stripy the Zebra Foal by Pippa Funnell.

Shelve Stripy the Zebra Foal. Free Spirit the Mustang by Pippa Funnell.


Shelve Free Spirit the Mustang. Tilly's Pony Tails by Pippa Funnell.

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In addition to the great stories there are also plenty of facts about keeping ponies from probably one of the most outstanding event riders this country has ever seen, Pippa Funnell. Pony-mad friends Tilly, Cally and Mia courageously tackle greedy horse thieves in this thrilling pony story. When stunning derby winner, Moonshadow, arrives at Silver Shoe Farm, Tilly jumps at the chance to spend time with him. But Tilly's not the only person who's interested in this beautiful top-class horse, and a sleepover at the stables reveals just how far some people are prepared to go to get close to him Tilly Redbrow doesn't just love horses - she lives, breathes and dreams them too!

In Neptune the Heroic Horse, Tilly is on holiday in Cornwall but is delighted to find some stables nearby so that even on holiday she can show off her riding prowess and even help new girl Megan the magic of riding.

Here is some praise from pony-mad youngsters: 'When I read Black Beauty I thought that was good, but this is even better' - Emily Cooper 'I recommend Magic Spirit to people who are pony mad. All the excitement of a riding competition is brought to life in this well-observed story. Tilly is mad about horses and spends as much time as possible down at the stables.

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The day of her first competition is fast approaching and Tilly has to use all of her skill to help her friend and his horse Solo to do their very best! Here is some early praise from pony-mad youngsters: 'When I read Black Beauty I thought that was good, but this is even better' - Emily Cooper 'I recommend Magic Spirit to people who are pony mad. So if you have a child who dreams about having a pony, these delightfully warm and engaging stories will provide a great substitute. Pippa Funnell talks about the inspiration for her books in this video:. Check out the latest activities in our KidsZone.

Becoming a member of the LoveReading4Kids community is free. Find out more. The Button Book Sally Nicholls. Although the content of this book aredifficult to be done in the real life, but it is still give good idea.


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It makes the readers feel enjoy and still positive thinking. This book really gives you good thought that will very influence for the readers future. How to get thisbook?

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