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Are tires just like relationships? The whole state of F1 today has been caused by the misguided belief that the definition of an exciting race is one with loads of overtaking, this is the reason we have DRS and the tyres we do today. An overtake in modern F1 is not even exciting. Sicpicnic 31st January , Is it crazy to instead force a use of all 3 in the race instead of just the two. Surely this will force more thinking towards Q2 tyre choice and the final race stint.

You therefore have a guaranteed 2 stop, and the pit stop Windows vary far more than we have now. Darryn Smith darryn 31st January , I wish we could have seen racing after with only one of the gimmicks introduced and see if one would be enough. The races really have no flow to them and this has been going on since refueling was reintroduced.

One of the basic problems we have in F1 is often the car in front has no competition. A few days ago matt90 made this comment:. I thought that was a very good point.

One important aspect of the open wheel format is the wheels themselves create drag, and the faster they go the more the wheels drag, meaning best way to go faster is to have something there to reduce the drag. Part of the reason is the aerodynamics of the front wing and radiators and vertical wings as well! This would mean the car at the front has more drag than the cars behind, so the fuel consumption is higher, and the pressure on the tyres is higher, meaning wear is also higher, which hopefully would provide some sort of equalising factor.

NewVerstappenFan jureo 31st January , It was fine in when teams basicly randomly got it right or wrong…. And whe he does we will se a gargantuan overtake, the likes of which current era failed to provide yet. John H john-h 31st January , In particular the 1st. Rethink the implementation of push-to-pass tools be it KERS-like boost or DRS , so that it can be battled out on track by the drivers, rewardong the faster thinker.

Limit the amount of data that can be accessed realtime by the teams on site or rebroadcast to a data center. I am sure a compromise can be reached so that teams can still farm data out from all the sensors after the race weekend , and or have danger lights go off in case certain operational limits are reached. This could be possible with standardised equipment and practices. The objective of this should be to put the emphasis back on the driver for feedback and teamwork for problem solving and away from analysts, like in many other team sports.

Third, design a long-term road map for incremental performance. Stating long term performance goals should attract new technical partnerships. F1 performance patent 31st January , The essence of F1 should be: push on the limit as long as possible. But I want to see races where drivers can push on the absolute limit much more than nowadays.

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Neil neilosjames 31st January , In an ideal world, some sort of middle ground. Trouble is, I have no idea how Pirelli or anyone could create such a tyre without being able to do a lot of testing with it. Racing controlled by the boardroom is not racing. F1 was loved and respected because it was participated in by those who just wanted to race. Sadly it seems those days are gone and F1 is now just another tedious promotional tool like the X factor, big brother and such. The pressure to create consumers is slowly running rough shod over everything and simultaneously making everything they wish us to consume undesirable.

So the hard sell just gets more aggressive and less appealing to the point that we just walk away because being taken for a mug is not acceptable. F1 is like a micro climate equivalent of the world economy. Good riddance. SauberS1 saubers1 31st January , VMaxMuffin vmaxmuffin 1st February , The tyre argument and fuel argument go hand in hand.

This made me change my opinion on refuelling — I want it back. Refueling, real racing tires and DRS may be a pretty good combination. Some strategy, some unpredictability, some overtaking and all drivers going flat out all the time. That sounds good to me. W-K w-k 1st February , Here we are discussing tyres again, but are they the problem or a symptom of the real problem, too much turbulence from the car in front. How many times have we seen the order near the front in a race being static from the first corner to the result.

And I am not just talking Mercedes. We only need to look at Silverstone last year and the Williams pair at the beginning of the race. I say get rid of some of the aero, so that following cars can get close enough to overtake and not ruin their tyres tying to stay in touch.

Then if necessary change the tyre specs. Because at the moment I am not convinced changing tyre specs are actually going to solve any of the problems Keith mentioned. Interesting results from these surveys, we seem to get so many more comments from the people in the minority, all asserting the absolute correctness of their opinion.

Apex Assassin 1st February , Scottie scottie 1st February , I selected Mostly Performance, Some Entertainment… but I take great entertainment from watching the performance. I think the most important factor was not mentioned.


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Only one thing really matters. How well the teams understand the tire. The better the teams understand the tires the less variation in strategy, less fighting on the track and more of the races play out exactly like the qualifying session ended.

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But this kind of chaotic nature is not good for tire manufacturers. Not only gives the viewers the impression that it is all about the tires but it can also create situations where teams try to push their luck with dire consquences. Last thing we want is a tire go down in eau rouge or R. Different cars wear out the tires at different rates and within teams there is not much difference between expert fast tire saver and typical f1 driver performance.